Secrets of good coffee

Customers often ask us how Bunkier Cafe succeeds in having such good coffee. How is it possible that, using the same brands of coffee, some cafes and restaurants give us a cup of wonderful, aromatic, beverage, and elsewhere we get something more appropriately described as coffee-flavoured water? We’ll tell you briefly why our coffee is so good.

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Think about it this way – the simpler a dish or drink essentially is, the more attention and care required in the process of preparation. You can throw anything in the fridge into a stew and if you don’t oversalt or overcook it, it’s very difficult to spoil.You’ll have a different stew from usual, but it’ll still be tasty.It’s very different with simple dishes.

What’s the wine that we know from vintners with great knowledge of their art and great care?It’s just fermented grape juice.What’s coffee?It just a brew from the processed grains of a certain plant.Apparently, nothing could be simpler.

However, the value of these drinks – wine, coffee, tea, branded spirits – comes from the process of production, preparation and serving.

What do you need for a good coffee

Brewing good coffee is a multi-step process and at each of these stages something can go wrong.To make good coffee, you have to do everything properly – but this requires the right knowledge, the right people, and the right equipment.

Quality and variety of coffee

There are different varieties of coffee.Arabica – a more tangy flavour of chocolate, and Robusta – more bitter and with a higher caffeine content.The proportions of varieties and the quality of the mix are important.


Coffee should always be freshly ground, not too fine, not too coarse.


Forget about espresso machines – only a very high quality real coffee maker can give a good cup of coffee.A good coffee maker is costly and often very advanced technologically.


 Adequate compaction

The coffee maker spoon needs the optimum amount of coffee and then you tamp it accordingly.For the experienced barista these are two, almost imperceptible movements of the hand, but it’s impossible to measure with any device – you have to have experience.


The key is a properly adjusted machine – the proper pressure and temperature.Even the best coffee maker can make a bad cup of coffee if it’s set incorrectly.

Cleanness and maintenance

The coffee maker has to be maintained in perfect condition.It has to be cleaned daily, and regularly descaled and maintained.


To meet these requirements, you must need well trained staff.It’s a good deal of knowledge, you have to understand and enjoy it, and this requires experience.


The cup should be warm, the milk appropriately foamed – all of these details are crucial

and finally – a good partner

To work with all these elements you need a professional coffee supplier that will advise and care for the coffee maker and train staff.It’s impossible to achieve all this with a machine from the supermarket and coffee bought in the local corner shop.

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