Bunkier Cafe is one of a kind – with a garden in the middle of the Planty Gardens open all year round.The transparent walls are open in warm weather, and lowered when it’s cooler.You could order a delicious coffee or an exceptional unpasteurised draught beer.You could order a salad, a burger or a slice of delicious cake.In summer there’s also ice cream.

The “Bunkier Sztuki” Gallery of Contemporary Art is worth a visit to see the latest exhibition or drop in to the gallery’s bookshop.

“Bunkier Sztuki” Gallery of Contemporary Art

Our cafe is adjacent to the “Bunker Sztuki” Gallery, one of Poland’s most important Polish contemporary art institutions. Its history dates back nearly sixty years, it’s artistically independent, and funded by the City of Krakow.

Cafe crazy – when did it start?

In the 17th century there were many things in Europe that made cafes a hit. These included the puritanical resistance to alcohol, political and social tensions, the development of the press and of academe, and the nascent bankers, merchants and entrepreneurs, the new class – businesspeople.

Krakow’s Planty Gardens

The Bunkier Sztuki and our Bunkier Cafe are located on the Planty Gardens, which are greatly enjoyed by tourists visiting the city and a favourite place for Cracovians to take a stroll. The Krakow we admire today would not be so beautiful or people-friendly if it were not wrapped in the soft, noise-damping, and carefree jacket of the Planty. Walking through the Old Town would become tiresome, and charming places like our cafe wouldn’t exist.

Tank Tyskie

In Krakow, there are only a few places where you can drink tank beer. This is a method – unique in Poland but used in countries with the highest “beer culture” – of distributing, storing and serving beer. Tank beer is the freshest, tastiest and best chilled, and can also be served as the Czechs do. One of the places that serve tank beer is Bunkier Cafe.

Secrets of good coffee

Customers often ask us how Bunkier Cafe succeeds in having such good coffee. How is it possible that, using the same brands of coffee, some cafes and restaurants give us a cup of wonderful, aromatic, beverage, and elsewhere we get something more appropriately described as coffee-flavoured water? We’ll tell you briefly why our coffee is so good.